original linocut prints

Artist and printmaker based on the Somerset Coast.

Original handmade prints by artist Lisa Benson.


Welcome to my website. You can view my current work in the shop which doubles up as the gallery or  you can find work that is no longer available to purchase on the archive page.  

If you are new to print  or would like to find out how a linocut print is made you will find a basic description of the technique here.

By creating a piece of artwork I can immerse myself in a moment in time. It might be a moment of tranquil calm, the immense feeling of a big sky, a pose that says so much or something that has triggered emotions or memories. Whatever it is was that caught me was enough to make me want to spend hours carving and printing to create the work.  You can read more about me and my work on the About page here


See more of my work in the shop which doubles up as the gallery of my current work or in my archive where you can find the prints that are no longer available.