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A Winter’s Tale

Limited variable edition of 4 prints. 


Actual print size approx 20.5 x 28cm 

Paper size approx 26 x 34cm


Further Info

A Winter’s Tale

A handmade original kitchen lithography print by artist Lisa Benson.

Living in Somerset, on the edge of Exmoor, it is possible to drive up onto the hills and discover that it has snowed. That’s just what happened on the day that inspired this print. I like to think that the gateway could take you through to any number of scenarios. Maybe it’s where people are sledging on the other side of the hill, maybe it’s an afternoon stroll though on a snowy day, or maybe it’s the way to the pub where a warm drink and a warming fire waits. 


Limited variable edition of 4 prints. 

Actual print size approx 20.5 x 28cm 

Paper size approx 26 x 34cm

A Winter’s Tale is a four layer kitchen lithography print. Kitchen lithography is a printing technique where  kitchen tin foil and cola are used together to utilise the principle that oil and water repel each other. When cola is poured over tin foil it becomes hydrophilic (attracts water) and won’t accept ink if you keep the foil wet while printing. If you prevent the cola coming into contact with the foil you create areas that will accept ink. In this print the process of masking areas of foil, etching with cola, inking and printing was repeated four times printing layer over layer to build up the print. 

The inks used for this print are Caligo Traditional Etching Inks 

The paper is Heritage 150gsm printmaking paper.


Print number 1/4 has now been framed for exhibition. Please contact me via the contact page if you are interested in purchasing this framed print for availability and cost. 

Handmade Prints

These prints are all handmade and as such there can be slight variations in the prints in an edition, though these are very slight. It means that each print in an edition is unique and is an original in it’s own right.

Varied Editions (VE) 

Prints that are marked VE by the edition number are part of a varied edition. This means there are enough difference between the prints that they are sold by their individual number. 


Please bear in mind that although I take every care to photograph the prints as faithfully as possible there can also be variations in colour between what you view on a screen and the original print.


Postage is either First Class or First Class signed for in the UK.

Prints are sent tracked and signed for to the rest of the world.


Ordering more than one print? 

Please do contact me for a  single postage cost when purchasing multiple prints in one order.  

Sending Your Prints
Unmounted Prints

Smaller prints are sent in a flat, card backed envelopes, cardboard reinforced package or in a postal tube.

All larger unmounted prints are sent in a rigid cardboard tube to arrived safely with you. Prints sent in a tube will need to be carefully unrolled and flattened out.


Mounted Prints

Smaller mounted prints will be sent in a card backed envelope with additional padding to prevent damage. Larger mounted prints are packed between sheets of thick card and then wrapped in paper to protect them.


Framed Print  

Only available for UK delivery. Wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed. Courier delivery.

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