original linocut prints

Just You And I

Limited edition of 9 original linocut prints

Actual print size approx 30 x 30 cm

Unmounted print paper size approx 42.5 x 42.5 cm


Further Info

A handmade limited edition of 9 linocut prints featuring a pair of swans with their necks entwined in the shape of a heart, the universal symbol of love.

This print is a multi block, jigsaw linocut. There are four blocks with each block being cut into a number of pieces to form a jigsaw. This enables me to ink up different colours on the different parts of the jigsaw for each pass through the press. 

Beautiful, graceful, regal, all describe the swan. They are well known for forming monogamous pairs and their pairings can last for a lifetime. These swans, for me, echo that gentle and yet deep affection of that bond. Water in some belief systems symbolises emotions, the ribbon like clouds echo wedding day ribbons and the swans themselves form the loose shape of a heart and the love that they share.  

The inks used are Caligo Safe Wash which are oil based inks with high lightfast properties.

The paper is acid free printmaking paper.

Handmade Prints

These prints are all handmade and as such there can be slight variations in the prints in an edition, though these are very slight. It means that each print in an edition is unique and is an original in it’s own right.

Varied Editions (VE) 

Prints that are marked VE by the edition number are part of a varied edition. This means there are enough difference between the prints that they are sold by their individual number. 


Please bear in mind that although I take every care to photograph the prints as faithfully as possible there can also be variations in colour between what you view on a screen and the original print.


Postage is either First Class or First Class signed for in the UK.

Prints are sent tracked and signed for to the rest of the world.


Ordering more than one print? 

Please do contact me for a  single postage cost when purchasing multiple prints in one order.  

Sending Your Prints
Unmounted Prints

Smaller prints are sent in a flat, card backed envelopes, cardboard reinforced package or in a postal tube.

All larger unmounted prints are sent in a rigid cardboard tube to arrived safely with you. Prints sent in a tube will need to be carefully unrolled and flattened out.


Mounted Prints

Smaller mounted prints will be sent in a card backed envelope with additional padding to prevent damage. Larger mounted prints are packed between sheets of thick card and then wrapped in paper to protect them.


Framed Print  

Only available for UK delivery. Wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed. Courier delivery.

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